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I just purchased my second replacement bow stand seat. These are the most comfortable seats that I've ever sat in. I have a standard and a magnum version, both are great.
Roger Kittrell
Ordered replacement seat and shipping was unreal! Fast - I mean fast! Will order rail pads next. Great service! Thanks
William Thorpe
Just wanted to let you know you have some of the best products on the market. I've purchased your replacement seat and seat cover and recently your ground blind with hammock seat, am waiting on you to come out with something new for me to try. I will highly recommend your products to everyone I know. Thanks for making such great quality products!
Billy Howell
Guys...just got your standard size replacement seat in the mail. I am very pleased with the top quality construction and huge size of the seat. Nice set-up on the adjustment straps. thanks for atop-quality product...because as any hunter knows...if you are not comfortable,,, then you're not going to stay on the stand very long.
Dwayne Burks
My Weathershield Treestand Cover kept snow and ice off my stand and helped me harvest this great buck in Canada.
Jeffrey Chilman
2006 Saskatchewan,
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Pro Archery Acc: Archery Accessory Line

Spider Shot Tournament Seat

Spider Shot Tournament Seat
  • Large padded Seat
  • Two arrow tubes (Modular)
  • Umbrella holder (Modular)
  • Exterior binocular storage
  • Exterior cell phone pocket
  • Custom six D-ring rig on rear
  • 2” round rings on corners
  • large internal storage compartment
  • Horizontal molle strip on front and back
  • Carry handle (attaches to Molle strip)
  • Transport Straps (attach to Molle strip)
  • Custom designed detachable cooler

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Weathershield Bow Case

Weathershield Bow Case OpenWeathershield Bow Case With Arrows

Bow Case Model
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Weathershield Archery Armor Kit

Weathershield Archery Armor Kit
  • 3 piece accessory kit
  • All pieces attach secure and quiet
  • Never loose or forget your release aide again
  • Release aide storage bag installs on the lower half of your riser
  • Sight cover will reduce the chance of damaging your pins during transport
  • Fletching cover prevents accidental arrow ejection during transport and camouflages your arrows

Bow Case Model
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Broadhead Packer XL
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Broadhead Packer
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A new level of performance and comfort for 3-D tournament archers

GET Memories of the Hunt
Memories of the Hunt, by George FradySince the first hunter-gathers came home with a Brontosaurs leg and the ladies of the cave said, “Ug mug sug dug” (which means, “Where did you get that?”), men have been telling hunting stories; however, no two cave men told the story the same way. Some men told the story of the hunt and everyone went to sleep. Others told the same hunting story and it was magically transformed. Carrying this concept forward in time to this book, the storyteller (that would be me) is seeking to do the same thing as the storytellers of old… entertain the cave dwellers. Some of these stories may touch your heart strings and some are just stories proceeding from my heat oppressed brain.  You have my permission to decide for yourself which is which.


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