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In the North Georgia mountains on a bitterly cold November morning, on the tail end of an overnight storm, two men walked in the dark to their tree stands that were set out the morning before. In disappointment they end up sitting on the ground, as the stands were encrusted in ice, there must be a solution they thought. After searching for a solution and finding nothing, they figured they might as well just make the solution. The tree stand cover design worked better than they could have hoped for, it seemed like every hunter that saw the cover, asked where they could get one. So it began.
Cottonwood Outdoors came into existence in 2006 as many other small businesses do, on the belief that there was something missing in the marketplace. Three men that loved the outdoors and hunting deer, was at the root of it all. It started with one simple yet effective product, the Weathershield Treestand Cover, it kept a portable tree stand dry when you left it in the field, which was great on cold wet mornings in the deer woods. They were sold at Consumer Hunting Shows and to local dealers. The company did not remain small for long, over the next few years the wheels started turning and other products for tree stands came out of the woodwork. Our products had unique designs (many of which have become patented), waterproof tree stand covers, seats, cushions, rail pads, accessory bags, blinds and transport aides. The line was named Treestand Resurrection (Bringing tree stand back from the grave)! We developed a service center and fitment guide system for the accessories, making the broad selection of products easy to digest for consumers. With the securing of rep groups to sell, we began to move forward. The addition of archery products including bow cases and Broadhead Packer storage boxes opened the door into an additional segment of the industry. In 2016 we unveiled the Spider Shot archery tournament seat, which has been a huge success, followed closely by the Wild View and Game View seat models for hunting and camping. We continue to innovate and develop, new and exciting products for the outdoor industry, hoping we improve your outdoor experience. 


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